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So I was thinking....

The Girl
Oh, you know the type. A sort of incompetent overachiever with too much confidence and low self esteem, with a brilliant memory (although forgets everything) and a real skill for organising things even though she’s really disorganised. A busy, lazy, masculine girl with a sort of ‘teenage, work experience/dedicated career woman’ attitude to her quirky, professional, immature-grown-up job in market research. Bisexual, bipolar and bipartisan. No interest in personal grooming, with an array of hair colours and a make-up bag the size of a suitcase, into Goth glamour, indie chic, hippie style and grudger gear and a taste in music that falls somewhere in the hard rock/cheesy pop/classic hip hop ream. Hard drinking, chain smoking, kitten loving Doctor Who fan who likes to read political philosophy and watch dance films and cartoons.

Oh, and I don’t like bacon. I suppose that part is a bit weird.

I’ve been classified politically as a pink liberal hippie leftist, which sort of sums it up. I’m passionate about gay rights (which are really just ‘human rights’ if you think about it – it’s not like the gay community are demanding anything more than the average heterosexual takes for granted), feminism, political freedom and immigration issues. I’m also an avid campaigner for the Homeless, a supporter for the poppy appeal and an advocate of debating and public speaking.

I work for Millward Brown as a (trainee) Research Assistant, and I genuinely love adverts. Really. If I had Sky Plus I’d skip through the programmes.

And I really am a girl named Steve.
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